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How Shop Main Street Works

What is Shop Main Street?

Shop Main Street(sm) is a loyalty program designed especially for local merchants that rewards customers when they shop at your store using their credit or debit cards from a participating local financial institution. Purchases are handled the same as any other debit or credit card transaction, and there are no additional steps or special training required for your staff.

Shop Main Street helps you earn additional revenue by giving you the tools to build a tailored loyalty program targeted

specifically toward members of participating local banks’ and credit unions’ loyalty programs. The program also lets you expand your word of mouth with news, reviews and other content. With Shop Main Street, you get a clearer picture of your customer base from the robust reporting tool which can be used to analyze the results of your offers enabling you to more effectively and profitably manage your customer relationships.

How it Works

Participants earn additional points from their bank or credit union’s loyalty program by qualifying for offers that you create and publish on the Shop Main Street site. You create an account and create offers simply by filling out an online wizard that contains more than 20 popular offer types to choose from. You can also design your own custom offers in just a few steps by using our easy-to-follow offer design template.

There is no limit to the number of offers you can create, and you can tailor your offers to target specific customer segments. You may have an offer that applies only to first-time shoppers and another for shoppers that spend over a certain dollar amount. Or, you might want to create a special offer for customers who are frequent shoppers. You can even design your offers to allow participants to qualify for more than one offer, but not to earn more on any purchase than the maximum reward you specify, so you are always in control.


The Shop Main Street program includes marketing tools that help you easily and effectively promote your offers and your business. All participating banks and credit unions also take part in marketing and promoting the program to its loyalty program members through a combination of in-branch, print, and email marketingShop Main Street provides you with a marketing toolkit containing elements to easily and effectively promote your program in-store and online. We email you all of the materials, already produced and ready to go including: in-store merchandising (signage, decals, promotional posters, etc.), brochures, email campaigns, website elements and more.

The Shop Main Street site, through built-in social media tools, lets you post news or announcements about your business which you can also share on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Customers’ recommendations and reviews are also published on the Shop Main Street site which greatly expands the number of people you can reach, engage, and influence. Use Shop Main Street to increase the impact of your other promotional initiatives.


The Shop Main Street reporting tool lets you see every purchase by every shopper and the reward(s) they qualified for. You will be able to identify your most valuable customers, spot trends, evaluate your marketing programs, and even test different strategies.


Unlike most loyalty programs, Shop Main Street is priced strictly on a pay for performance basis. Apart from the cash value of your offers themselves (the equivalent of which automatically get converted into bonus points for the shopper), your only cost is 6% of each qualifying transaction. There are no set-up fees, minimums or hidden charges. That’s it.

Shop Main Street Program Benefits

Merchants (You) Get:

A pay for performance program with no start up costs; you only pay when shoppers take advantage of your offers

Extra marketing and promotions by the financial institutions that highlight local merchants participating in the Shop Main Street loyalty program

A competitive advantage over local merchants not participating in the program

Offer options that create more loyal, and more importantly, more repeat customers

Word of mouth marketing when your shoppers post reviews and recommend your business on the program’s website

Even more visibility and sales because bank and credit union loyalty program members will have the opportunity to redeem their earned points for your gift card or gift certificate

Shoppers Get:

Great deals while shopping locally

Reviews and recommendations provide added confidence in shopping locally

Easy to use; no registration required

More points from their bank or credit union’s loyalty program which encourages them to keep shopping locally at Shop Main Street merchants in order to get more rewards from their loyalty program such as merchandise, gift cards, travel, etc.

The chance to support their local merchants and help their community—when they shop local, their money stays in the community. Dollars spent at locally owned businesses have three times the impact on the community as those spent at big box stores

Banks and Credit Unions Get:

The opportunity to support local businesses and the community while helping their local economy

Increased credit or debit card usage

More engaged loyalty program members

A more successful loyalty program that is better than the competition